Game Guide

Hints for rookie Agents

As soon as you create your character, you will be deposited on Nia as an Agent of Project Perpetuum. Your first task will be to complete the tutorial programs laid out for you. These will teach you the basic controls and mechanics of the game, but you can interrupt the tutorial at anytime and do whatever you like.

We would strongly encourage new players to complete all the tutorial assignments offered in your starting Terminal as well. Each assignment takes you through a further mechanic of the game –travel, combat, delivery, and so on –and gives you a reward that can be put to good use after the tutorial is completed. The final assignment even gives you a proper starting combat robot!

After you complete the tutorial assignments, you can continue to work for the Syndicate solo by completing other assignments offered at the terminals, or you can find a new corporation to join with the Recruitment function, if the social aspects of the game appeal to you.

If you're interested in the further details of the game, the following guide should help you.

The Game Guide

The following guide is supposed to help whenever you don't understand something. Anytime you're stuck, just click on the information (i) button, which can be found on the upper right corner in every window. That button will lead you to the guide database.

The basic options are always available by pressing Escape, regardless you're inside a base, or discovering the terrain.

I. Creating a character

II. Character management

III. Basic functions on bases

IV. Facilities

V. The market

VI. Corporations

VII. The map of Perpetuum

VIII. Robots

IX. Weapons and other equipment

X. The terrain

XI. Terrain GUI windows

XII. Combat

XIII. Mining & harvesting

XIV. Assignments

XV. The Modular Private Colony System - MPC

MPC node types