Signal detection and masking

Each robot in perpetuum has two key sensor capabilities that can have a major impact on the outcome of a battle: signal detection and signal masking.

Although both signal detection and signal masking both affect the robot's sensors, these values have nothing to do with sensor strength or interference, those are completely different attributes.

Signal detection is the active 'seeing' ability of your robot. This value defines how far your robot can see. Signal masking the opposite - the ability of your robot to hides its signal.

The formula for detection/masking and how they interact is as follows: if your robot's signal detection value is 80 rF, and your enemy's signal masking value is also 80 rF (this is a typical heavy mech versus heavy mech situation), you’ll see each other at exactly the same time. The actual formula goes: (1000 / your enemy's masking value) * your detection value (in this case its (1000 / 80) * 80 ) which is exactly 1000 meters. It means you can spot this robot in your landmarks window when it gets closer than 1000 meters.

Extra tactical modules of signal detection and signal masking

Icon of a signal detector

Signal detector - When equipped and activated, they enhance your robot's default signal detection value. Only one signal detector can be equipped at a time.

Icon of a signal masker

Signal masker - When equipped and activated, they enhance your robot's default signal masking value. Only one signal masker can be equipped at a time. The accumulator usage of a signal masker seems small, but there are secondary factors involved with the base accumulator value listed. This value will be multiplied by the robot's surface hit size. For example a Seth has a hit size of 10 m, so if you use a signal masker that has an accumulator consumption of 3 AP, the total accumulator usage will be 10x3=30 AP / cycle. In short: the larger a bot is, the more energy it takes to hide!

While you technically can activate a detector and a masker together, only the first module activated has any effect. It is not possible to simultaneously enhance your detection and masking values.

Icon of a target marker

Target marker - When equipped and activated on a targeted enemy, the marker will reduce the target's signal masking capability, making it 'more visible' for others.

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