Weapons and ammunition

Weapon types

You’ll quickly discovering when arming your robot that you have a lot of options, each having its unique advantages and disadvantages, such as optimal range, energy consumption, or the ammunition's damage type.

Each turret type (firearms, magnetic weapons and lasers) has two variants of the same weapon available: a short-ranged, higher damage version, and a longer-ranged, lower damage variant.

With missile launchers, long and short ranged combat is dictated by the type of missile: compact (short range/high damage) and ballistic (long range/lower damage.)


Icon of firearms


Robots can be equipped with common firearms. The technology adapted from Terran warfare may seem primitive, because of the short optimal range, but requires quite a small amount of energy to maintain. Firearms function with bullets.

Short ranged type: machine gun

Long ranged type: autocannon

Icon of magnetic weapons

Magnetic weapons

Ideal weapon for mid-range combat. The typical weapon of Nuimqol forces, magnetic weapons excel at reducing friction inside the firing mechanism, allowing a devastating impact velocity, but needs huge amount of energy in return. Magnetic weapons require special slugs.

Short ranged type: Gauss gun

Long ranged type: EM-gun

Icon of lasers


Requiring the most energy, lasers are suggested for those who prefer long-distance warfare since the weapontype - preferred by Thelodica Clan - is based on concentrated light beams. To fire lasers, you will have to load energy cells into them.

Short ranged type: LCL laser

Long ranged type: HCL laser

Missile launchers

Icon of missile launchers
These weapons were originally used by Pelistal Empire. Missiles have a reliable hit ratio, but will suffer noticeably less damage if the wrong missile size is used for the target –larger missiles do less damage to smaller targets in the same way that larger guns miss smaller targets more often. Missile launchers require - of course - missiles to function.

Long and short ranged attack type can be dictated by the use of compact or ballistic missiles.

Short ranged type: compact missile

Long ranged type: ballistic missile

Weapon tunings

Icon of a laser tuning

There is an additional module to improve each weapon type: a weapon tuning enhances the weapon's damage, and also reduces the cycle time. Make sure to use the correct tuning for your weapon systems.

Weapon stabilizers

Icon of a weapon stabilizer

Weapon stabilizers raise the effective firepower of your weapons by reducing the hit dispersion and explosion size, but you will be more vulnerable to demobilizers.

Ammunition and damage types

Each weapon type is capable of shooting several different kinds of ammunition, which tend to be different combinations of the four main damage types. These damage types are kinetic, seismic, thermal, and chemical. Robotic armors provide some defense against each, but in different measures.

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