In Perpetuum, you can insure the robots that you own.

The two basic types of insurances are easy to take out, and are available on every terminal and outpost.

Remember that packaged robots cannot be insured, you have to unpack it first.

Personal insurance

If the robot that you wish to insure is in your Private storage, right-click on its icon and choose Insure. A window will pop up that informs you about the fee, the expiration date and the cost you will receive in case you robot is destroyed. If the terms suit you, just click on OK. From that moment on, you can manage all your current insurances in the My profile window, Insurance tab. Right click on an insurance to extend or cancel it. (Canceling an insurance will not provide you any refund).

Corporation insurance

Similar to personal insurance, but if you want the robot to be insured by the corporation, put it into one of the corporation's storage and perform the insure request there. Accordingly, the fee will be payed by the corporation, but also the corporation will receive the payout. Corporation insurances can be managed in the Corporation management window's Insurances tab.

Insurance terms can be developed by installing additional extensions.

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