Using a container and item options

Private storage

To store robots, equipment and industrial materials, a storage place is granted for every Agent on every terminal and outpost.

Purchased items get into the private storage automatically in packaged condition. In order to use them, you need to unpack them first.

To open the options menu of an item, just right-click on its icon.

Robot cargo hold

The built-in cargo holds that every robot possesses function like regular storages, but have a limited capacity. Note that the total volume of items (ammunition, mined materials, etc.) cannot exceed the cargo capacity.

Field container

A field container is a useful storage device for Agents to exchange items while being deployed outside the terminals. They are easy to use: buy one on the market, then place it inside your activated robot's cargo hold before deploying onto the terrain. While you're outside the terminal, open your cargo, right-click on the field container, then deploy it on the ground. Make sure to enter a reasonable security code, so that you can prevent any unwanted Agent from opening it. (1111, 1234, 0000 –none of these are reasonable security codes!) Squad members can access a can without knowing or using the security code.

Anyone who knows this code can put into or withdraw items. When a container is deployed, it can't be put back into the cargo hold. When nobody opens the container for 1 hour, it destroys itself.

Corporation storages

The main difference between private and corporation storages is the access level. A private storage can only be opened by its owner. The authorized members of the corporation can set the access level of each storage owned by the corporation. These access levels can be modified in the Storages tab, in the corporation management window.

Corporation storages - unlike private storages - are not free of charge. You will see the actual fee upon renting one.

Authorized members can create, rename, and destroy new folders in the corporation storages.

Item options

By right-clicking on any of the stored items, you can open the options-list of the selected item. The general options are:


Important data about the item's parameters, components, and extensions that you need to install in order to use the item.


Items in packaged state require less cargo capacity, making transportation easier. Packaged items can't be equipped to a robot though.


You can sell the item on the market.


In case there's a repair shop available at the terminal, you can repair damaged items for money. Note that you can't use or sell damaged items.


Recycle the selected item in the local recycling plant. During this process the item will be disassembled leaving only commodities behind.

Insure - Robots only

Insure your robot to get some refund in case the robot gets destroyed.


If you store a large amount of a specific item in one stack, you can now split that into several smaller stacks.

Market information

You can check all the item's relevant marketing information.


To get rid of the item (e.g. an unwanted Syn-tec item) without any remains.

Create container

You can create extra sub-containers in the storage to make your personal item management easier for a modest fee.

Research - Kernels only

Kernels are the core information holders of the alien enemy technologies. Researching a kernel is the first step of creating an item. Click on research to uncover a part of an alien prototype and add it to your knowledge base.

Refresh list

Each inventory is - theoretically - refreshing itself, but this function is recommended if a fresh item list is needed.

Selecting all items

Practical if you want to move, stack, or trash the whole stock of the current container.


If you have several stacks of the same kind of item, (even in sub-folders) can be stacked into a pile. You will have an option whether you want to gather this type of item from all your robots' cargo hold too.

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