In the Perpetuum Project, the constant cooperation with other Agents is essential. By forming or joining a squad an individual Agent can achieve additional benefits for their robot.

NEXUS modules are designed to make joint operations more efficient. Each NEXUS module is capable of upgrading a specific parameter of an Agent's robot.

Forming a squad

You can form a squad at any time without member count limitations, and you'll have the opportunity to reform your squad later. To invite a new Agent, right-click on its name and choose Invite to squad. As the leader of the squad, you have the right to promote to leader or remove an Agent, just right-click on its name. Only the squad leader has the right to disband a squad. To do this, right-click on your own name and choose the right option.

How the squad works - the NEXUS module system

NEXUS modules that provide bonuses can be equipped by anyone in the squad, but each Agent has an own effect range parameter. For instance, your NEXUS modules can only affect other squad members that are within your effect range. The default value of this range is 100 meters, but that can be enlarged by installing squad management extensions. It is also important that an Agent can be affected by only 3 NEXUS modules at most. That means that every NEXUS modules can be turned on in the squad but only the first three will have any effect. The effects of the NEXUS modules are displayed right under the Robot status.

When someone leaves the effect range of a NEXUS module, the effect automatically turns off.

Each NEXUS module has a specific extension that can upgrade its efficiency.

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