Engineering and electronics

Engineering equipment

Icon of an energy transferer
Energy transferers
Used to aid targeted, friendly robots with a little energy from your own accumulator.

Icon of an energy drainer
Energy drainers
For stealing energy from targeted enemy robots for your own use.

Icon of an energy neutralizer
Energy neutralizers
Neutralizers deplete enemy accumulators faster than drainers, but consume your own accumulator quickly as well.

Icon of an accumulator recharger
Accumulator rechargers
Increases the rate at which your accumulator recharges by lowering the time to recharge to full.

Icon of a coreactor
Enhance the total reactor performance of the robot, so you can equip modules with larger reactor usage.

Icon of an auxiliary accumulator
Auxiliary accumulators
Increases the total size of your accumulator. It’s worth noting that this module may actually increase your recharge rate more than an accumulator recharger if large enough –auxiliary accumulators don’t make your recharge take longer; they just make it larger.

Icon of an energy injector
Energy injectors
With injectors, you can instantly add energy to the accumulator. The module requires a charge for each energy injection.

Icon of an evasive module
Evasive modules
When applied, the evasive module can adjust the position of the armor plates on the robotic chassis in order to deflect some of the incoming damage. The result is a slightly reduced surface hit size.

Icon of a kinetic ERP module
Energy Recovery Platings - unlike regular armor platings - can't protect you from incoming damages, but the uniquely designed plate structure is capable of transforming a given proportion of the endured damage into energy and transfer it into the robot's accumulator.

Electronic equipment

Icon of a sensor amplifier
Sensor amplifiers
Lock targets faster and from a greater distance.

Icon of a remote sensor amplifier
Remote sensor amplifiers
Other targeted robots' sensors can be enhanced to get the same effect as sensor boosters.

Icon of a chassis scanner
Cargo and chassis scanners
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Icon of a coprocessor
Enhance the total processor performance of the robot, so you can equip modules with larger processor usage.

Icon of a range extender
Range extenders
Improves the optimal range of all fitted modules. Ideal for a combo with a sensor amplifier.

Icon of a signal detector
Signal detectors, signal maskers, and target markers
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Electronic warfare

Icon of a demobilizer
Slows down the targeted robot, making it easier to follow and shoot at.

Icon of an ECM
ECMs offer a random chance every time they cycle to jam enemy targeting equipment, causing them to lose all current locks and restart their targeting cycles.

Icon of a sensor suppressor
Sensor suppressors
By using suppressors, targeted robots will have a shorter optimal range and slower targeting speed.

Icon of an ECCM
Upon activation, the module enhances your sensor's strength, making it more resistant to enemy ECMs.

SAP hacking modules
These modules are designed to hack Service Access Points during an intrusion event. To capture an SAP equip this hacking module, approach and lock the access point, then activate the module.

Icon of an interference emitter
Interference emitters
Interference modules are the primary components of the tactical interference emission system. This module is capable of deploying a small emitter unit onto the terrain, which emitter is generating interference waves to disturb enemy robots' sensors. The module requires emitters to operate.

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