Recon modules

A wise warrior prepares for each combat properly. When choosing equipment for your robot, you should always consider careful tactics. Since there is no such thing as perfect setting, you should equip your robot by focusing on the enemies' weaknesses.

All the basic parameters of robot types can be found on the market such as the optimal range or the defense values against specific damage types. Open the market, search for the robot and click on the blue i button in the upper right corner of the robot's icon to open its information panel.

You cannot reveal the enemy's extension levels, but there are tools to scout its set of modules. These scanners can be found in the Engineering equipment section on the market.

Icon of a chassis scanner
Chassis scanner

An extremely useful piece of equipment, designed to examine the modules your target is wearing at the moment. A full list of enemy modules are available as soon as you activate the module.

Icon of a cargo scanner
Cargo scanner

If you are on a raid seeking valuable loot, you can save a lot of time with this module. Like the chassis scanner, the cargo scanner gives you an accurate result of the target's cargo contents on activation.

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