Distress beacons

Alien factions always have reinforcements to stand by, in case the units on the frontline are in danger. These reinforcement units can be "summoned" instantly when using the so-called "Distress beacons". You can also obtain distress beacons as loot from enemy NPCs, and use them to call in alien forces to ambush them.

Distress beacons are useful to call in NPCs in a suitable moment, but this system brings many risks as well.

How to use distress beacons?

It is a fairly simple process. First, place the looted beacon into your own robot's cargo hold. When you're on the terrain, open the cargo, right-click on the beacon and deploy it. Now you need to activate the beacon by double clicking on it.

Icon of a Nuimqol distress beacon

You can only activate a beacon as a member of a squad. Beacons of higher level may require more than one Agent to be activated. In that case all the surrounding squad members need to activate the beacon simultaneously. In order to activate a beacon, none of the activators should move during the activation process.

To prevent haphazard danger, Syndicate forbids beacon activation within the perimeter of bases and teleports.

The risks

During beacon activation certain hazards need to be taken into account. First, you can never be absolutely sure about the firepower of incoming forces. Second, if you manage to destroy the first wave, you can't be absolutely sure, how many additonal waves will arrive.

It is important that if you do not destroy any of the incoming reinforcements for a while, the whole team will disappear.

Elite forces

It is nice to know that the only way to meet the elite forces of alien factions: the Pelistal Empire's Emerald Praetorians, the Nuimqol Union's Sapphire Vanguard and the Thelodica Clan's Ruby Mercenaries is to obtain their distress beacons. How does it benefit you? Elite soldiers carry elite equipment, that are quite valuable, as looting elite soldiers is the only way to get your hands on their tools.

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