Moving the camera and the robot


Moving the camera

The standard camera position is behind the robot, like a third person shooter view. To change it, click on the right mouse button, then move the mouse without releasing the button. By using the mouse scroll, you can zoom in or out.

Moving the robot

You have various ways of controlling your robot, manual or automatic, whatever fits your playing style:

W-A-S-D and arrows

Simple and easy way. W - forward, S - backward, A - strafe left, D - strafe right, and movement by cursor arrows is also available. The robot will then move until the button is released.

Robot movement can also be controlled by the camera movement. If you are going forward - by holding key W - the robot will follow the turning of the camera.

Tile selection

If you select a tile with a double-click, the robot will go to it.


After you have locked a target, simply click on the approach icon in the Landmark information window. In case the approached target is faster than you, your robot will follow the targeted robot.

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