Creating a new corporation

Founding a corporation

Creating a corporation can be done quickly and easily. To begin, you need to install at least the first level of the Basic corporation management extension.

The Corporation name is the official name, that will be displayed in the Perpetuum database.

The Short ID is important of fast and easy corporation identification. You can't enter more than 6 alphanumeric characters here. It is advised to give a code referring to the original name, due to its important identification purpose: this code will identify the Agents of separate corporations on the terrain.

When assigning the Tax rate, you can determine the rate a member has to pay to the corporation after personal earnings. This tax cannot be evaded; each time an Agent receives money for completing assignments, a portion will be automatically transferred to the corporation's account . Founding a corporation will cost 250.000 NIC.

Congratulations, you now have a corporation, and you are the Chief Executive Officer!

Leaving the corporation

If you wish to leave your current corporation, open the corporation management window, and click on the leave corporation button. You can only leave your corporation if you do not possess any important roles. If you do, you need to resign first.

You also have a renunciation time to change your mind. When that time passes, you will become a freelancer, and you are free to join any corporation, or found a new one.

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