Selling an item

To sell an item, right-click on its icon, and select sell.

The pop-up window will examine wether there is demand order on that item. If not, you can choose the place order option.

You can set not just the price, (the current average demand price is displayed to help you) but also the quantity you want to sell from your stock.

Then you can set the offer duration by choosing one of the available presets. When this date passes without anyone buying the item, it will be transferred back into your private storage.

There are of course tax burdens on every sold items. The value added tax is recouped only after a successful deal, but the transaction fee is an obligatory payment every time you use the market, regardless the deal's success. The total cost shows how much your income will be (including tax and fee).

For internal corporation use means that the offer you are about to make will only be visible to your corporation members. This function can help the corporation to pursue a protectionist economic system and prevent valuable items from getting out on the global market.

You can also transfer the incoming money to your corporation's account.

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