Additional GUI icons

When you're on the terrain, there's a trigger icon in the upper right corner of the screen, called Additional icons. Here's an example what you can see when you try to lock a landmark, be it an NPC or an Agent.

1. Your targeting marker

  • Glowing white frame: you are currently targeting (a counter will tell you when it ends)
  • Static white frame: secondary target
  • Static green frame: primary target

2. The landmark's targeting marker

  • Static yellow frame: you are a secondary target of the landmark
  • Static red frame: you are the primary target of the landmark

3. The landmark's health status

4. PVP status

  • Yellow: the landmark has set its PVP mode on

5. Selection

This blue marker shows the landmark that you have selected.

6. Landmark type

  • White: Agent
  • Red: NPC

7. NPC tag marker

This yellow cross shows which NPC is tagged by an Agent. The first Agent that fires upon an NPC has the right to open its loot container.

8. Common group marker

  • Gold: in the same squad
  • Green: in the same corporation
  • Blue: in the same conglomerate

9. Target distance

10. All the effects the landmark is currently using on you


  • 1. Energy neutralizer
  • 2. Sensor suppressor
  • 3. ECM
  • 4. Energy drainer
  • 5. Demobilizer
  • 6. Energy transferer
  • 7. Remote sensor booster
  • 8. Remote armor repairer

11. Target name

The background color tells the relation towards the target.

  • Red: hostile
  • Yellow: bad
  • White: neutral
  • Blue: good
  • Green: friendly

Sample Sam is our enemy here.

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