Robot categories

Perpetuum's robots can be divided into two main categories: size and specialization.

Each series has its own advantages and disadvantages as well, you should choose the robot that fits the activity you wish to perform.


Light robots

The perfect category to learn the basics of the game, because no matter what kind of activity you choose, light bots can serve the purpose. Their main attribute is their low centre of gravity, therefore they move on more than two legs, like insects. These tend to be the fastest bots as well.

Assault robots

Ideal for Agents who prefer combat: assaults robots are actually advanced, combat-based light robots. While somewhat more expensive than lights, they still represent a solid improvement in fighting power.


Mechs represent a huge milestone in the history of robotics engineering. These two-legged, humanoid machines are capable of more efficient combat, industrial operations, or reconnaissance operations. Keep in mind that larger robots are capable of more efficient attacking, but their size also bears disadvantages: lower speed, and a larger target size, that is easier for enemies to hit.

Heavy mechs

Heavy mechs are slightly improved mechs, just like the Assault robot category is to Light robots.


Robots specialized in rockets, lasers and magnetic weapons

Designed especially to engage in battle, these models use their dedicated weapons with spectacular efficiency.

Robots specialized in electronic warfare

Electronic warfare modules do not directly damage enemy robots, only disable certain abilities of their targets. These EW robots are useful in squads to perform cooperative missions, but they are always need to be accompanied by regular combat bots.

Robots specialized in mining and harvesting

Due to their bonuses, these models exploit and harvest materials more efficiently than other, non-industrial robots.

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