Icon of the Map

The currently invaded area of Nia is in the middle of the Calgenida archipelago, in the southern hemisphere. Each island is a separated zone, travelling from one to another is only possible by using teleport stations. As you can see, these zones are parcelled into sectors.

The map shows only static landmarks. If you seek to follow real-time action, turn on the radar after you've deployed to the terrain.


This tab helps you to hide or display important landmarks by clicking on the boxes.

  • Labels - Shows the names of important landmarks.
  • Yourself - This blue lozenge represents you on the map. The camera will automatically zoom to your symbol by double-clicking on it. If you're docked in to a base, the inside of the base circle will turn blue.
  • Base - Bases and their names.
  • Teleport - Teleport stations and their names.
  • Teleport path - Displaying all the routes between teleport stations.
  • Assignment points - If you take an assigment, the map will show you the target or destination point.
  • Waypoint - View previously marked waypoints (by you or your friends) for your easier navigation.
  • Scan results - This option will display all the geoscan results.
  • Sector grid - A frame of reference of each zone.
  • Named sectors - Notable sectors of each zone.

In the drop-down list (located in the lower right corner of the window) you can swtich between the default topographical map, or the passable terrain view that shows the paths you can pass with your currently activated robot.


You can create waypoints for yourself by marking them on the map. It's also possible to share them with your friends by right-clicking on the waypoint name then choosing the target agent. The sent point will appear on the addressee agent's map. Note that both you and the target agent must have each other listed as friends, and both agents must be online, for the transfer to be successful.

Geoscanner results

All the geoscan results that you have made can be uploaded to the map. Click on the box next to the result you want to view on the map. You can also delete results from this list by right-clicking on one.

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