Fitting and activating a robot

Icon of the Equipment window


There are 3 types of slots on each robot: head, chassis, and legs. Slots on the chassis subdivide into turrets, (such as railguns, lasers and firearms) missile launchers, industrial modules (e.g. mining modules) and miscellaneous, like electronic warfare modules. Each bot also has a limitation on how many missile launchers or/and turrets can be equipped on a robot.

To open the fitting window, right-click on robot in the private storage, then choose the equip function.

Equipment of a robot

After you've opened the robot's fitting window, open the storage (normally it is your private storage) where you keep your modules. To equip a module just drag the icon of the module, and drop it on an available slot of the robot. Keep in mind that each module can be fitted on one specific slot type.

Slot types can be identified by different symbols, that can be found on each module's icon in the lower right corner.

Next to the module type symbol, you may see their size marker spots. One spot - small module, two spots - medium module, three spots - large module.

Activating the robot

It's very likely that you will have more than one robots in your private storage. To deploy one of them on the terrain, you need to activate it. There are two ways to do that: by right-clicking on the robot in the private storage, than choosing activate, or using the activate action button in the fitting window. The activated robot will then appear on the main base platform (the silhouette of a robot on the right side of your SyncOS desktop).

Loading ammo/charge

To find out what kind of ammunition or charge does a module or weapon need, open its information panel. After you've purchased a proper amount of ammo on the market, there are two ways to load these charges/ammunition into the modules:

While being docked in

First, open the fitting window of the selected robot, then open your private storage, where you store your ammunition. Then just drag the icon of the ammo and drop it on the module in the fitting window. If you did well, the icon of the ammo will fill the hexagonal in the module icon.

While docked out

Charges and ammo can be filled into modules on the terrain, but only those which you've previously put into the robot's cargo hold. It is therefore strongly advised to bring a considerable amount for every assignment. To load ammo into a module while being out on the terrain, right click on the icon of the module, then choose the suitable ammunition from the Ammo/charge section.

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