Corporation management / Members


Next to the corporation's members, you can see their roles. Roles in a corporation are:

CEO - The founder of the corporation will become the only CEO of the corporation. He or she cannot be demoted by anyone, only the CEO can transfer the right to another member. The CEO also possesses each of the roles listed below.

Deputy CEO - Can only be promoted by the CEO, and like him/her the deputy has the same (below listed) privileges. Not even the Deputy can demote the CEO. There is no limit on the number of Deputy CEOs.

HR (human resource) manager - Manages the corporation's manpower. The HR manager can invite other Agents, accept incoming applications, edit the recruitment form, or sack current members.

PR (public relations) manager - He or she creates the image of the corporation. The PR manager can edit the corporation's logo, public description, the recruitment form, and the corporation bulletins

Financial officer - Responsible for the corporation's financial status. The accountant can edit the tax rate, transfer money to a member, extend the corporation containers' lease period, and pay from the corporation's account when buying items on the market. Also handles corporation insurances.

Production manager - Entitled to use the corporation's account when using a terminal/outpost service (e.g. manufacturing cost in factory)

Delegate - When an Agent opens the corporation profile, the delegates are displayed there. The official way to contact a corporation is to contact a delegate personally.

Storage operator - Each corporation can lease storages on each terminal/outpost where the corporation members can store and share items. The operator can edit a storage's name, access level, and logging. He or she can also create folders in them.

Storage access levels - There are 4 different levels of storage access to choose from. The CEO and the Deputy CEO can set this access level of each member.

For example a storage has an access of level 3, only those Agents that have level 3 or higher access can add or remove items from that storage.


Every applicant Agent will be listed here. HR managers can later accept these applications or deny them.

Status history

The Agent with the appropriate role level has the right to change another Agent's status/role. Every status change (promotions and demotions) will appear here by its issuer and the affected Agent as well.


The parameters and values entered here are visible to all the Agents who use the extended corporation search option. The recruitment page helps Agents and corporations to connect.

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