Combat events

Basic steps of combat

Never forget to carry enough ammunition! In order to load the ammo/charge into the proper tool on the terrain, you need to first put it into the activated robot's cargo hold while inside the terminal. There are two ways to open the cargo hold: by double-clicking on the robot inside the hangar, or by pressing the proper button in the fitting window.

Loading ammo on the terrain is quite simple, just right-click on the weapon's icon, then move the cursor to the Ammo/charge text, and choose from the availabilities.

1. - Locking target

Locking is a vital step to activate modules, no matter if you want to attack an enemy, or aid a friendly robot, you have to lock it first as a target.

Every robot is equipped with a targeting computer, and the number of targets it can lock depends on its level of development. This number is shown in the robot's information panel.

You can put a target into the targeting computer by clicking on the lock button in the Landmark information window. An alternate way is to right-click on the selected target in the Landmarks window, then choose lock.

2. - Setting primary target

Active modules that have an effect on a targeted robot can be divided into two groups: weapons and other modules. Every module can be activated against only one target, and that single target is called the primary target.

To set a primary target, click on the primary target button in the landmark information window, or choose primary target in the targeting computer. ‘R’is also the default key for “lock and primary.”

3. - Activating weapons/other modules

To activate a weapon, (or every other active module) just click on the icon of the module. In case you set another target as primary during attack, weapons will automatically shoot the new primary target. To activate all weapons at the same time (alpha strike) simply hit spacebar.

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