Proximity probes

For those who are thinking big and participating in the Perpetuum Project as members of a coproration, the proximity probe detection system might be useful.

The main role of proximity probes is that they are capable of detecting other Agents who get into the probe's detection range. As the system relies on the proportion of signal masking and detection, the actual detection range depends primarily on the incoming robot type.

After purchasing one on the market, just put it into your current robot's cargo hold and deploy. Basically, proximity probes can be deployed to any location, but two probes can't be too close to each other.

By using probes, you can detect incoming enemies without the need of regular patrols on the spot. Corporations that whish to protect their properties should use such probes to secure vulnerable routes and areas.

Editing proximity probe properties

Open your map to view all the probes that you are authorized to edit. Right-click on the probe icon, then click on Properties.


This section will show you the exact location (both coordinates and zone) of the probe, and you can also edit the top relation that will trigger the probe. The default setting is neutral, which means that all the Agents will trigger the probe that have a neutral, or worse relation with the corporation.


In this window, you can add the Agents to the notification list by adding them one by one from the corporation member list to the Registered users list. To make this process easier, you can create presets for future occasions.

Everyone on the registered users (the CEO, the deputy CEO, and the deployer of the probe are on the list by default) will see when a passerby triggers the probe and becomes visible on the map and the radar for a couple of seconds, indicated by a flashing dot. The probe gets information in every cycle (check info tab). The colour of the dot represents the relation of the spotted Agent (red=hostile, white=neutral, etc.).

Whenever a probe gets destroyed, an instant message will notify every registered user about the event.

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