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The list of sparks in your Agent profile window

You have chosen your initial spark during character creation, but you have the chance to choose another if that suits your intended activity better.

As you can see on your sparklist, some sparks are instantly available to install, some need further authorization. In the latter case, you can see the authorization requirements on the right side.

For sparks developed by megacorporations the authorization requires good relation (which you can reach by completing assignments), for second generation Syn-tec sparks you just need to pay a certain amount to "unlock" them.

Once you have a new spark authorized, you'll have the opportunity to install that too. By clicking on the install button, you will instantly receive the ability bonuses that are displayed below the the spark's name. For example the first generation spark "Yphet" will raise your robot's CPU performance and critical hit chance.

To replace your current spark, you'll meet two requirements: first, you have to wait until the so-called integration phase of your current spark elapses. That is the time it takes for the spark to fully install itself. The second requirement is money, which is displayed below the install button.

Remember, that you have to get authorization for a spark only once, after that, the spark becomes part of your collection. Furthermore, you have to pay a certain amount of money every time you switch to another spark.

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