The economy of the Perpetuum Project is based on private corporations founded by Agents. The easiest way for a corporation and a newbie Agent to connect on the labor market is to use the Recruitment database.

The concept of this database is that every corporation in Perpetuum can fill out a form about itself by certain parameters. Agents who are looking for a new employer can use this detailed corporation database to search for a suitable employer by entering these abovementioned parameters.

When an Agent seeks a corporation

Are you looking for a new employer corporation, but don't know how to find one? Open the search option (can be found among the header icons) and choose the extended corporation search tab.

When a corporation seeks Agents

As corporations fill out their recruitment form in the corporation management page it will be easier for them to attract Agents with the shared interest.

The searching parameters

The options you can set are the following:

Primary activity - Combat, peaceful industry or both? Choose what you prefer.

Orientation - PVP (players versus players), or PVE (players versus the environment)

Preferred location - You should open the map first (can also be found among the header icons) and check the area before adding the exact location.

Preferred faction - This one defines which NPC faction is the primary target of the corporation: Pelistal, Nuimqol or Thelodica. The faction can also determine the preferred weapon, for instance Pelistal robots normally use missile launchers, Nuimqols use magnetic weapons, Thelodica prefers lasers.

Required activity - The required frequency of the employee's activity in the corporation. Busy corporations might require that Agents are present daily.

Communication - Many corporations use the VOIP form of direct employee contact.

Looking for - This one is for describing your features. If you are new in Perpetuum, choose those on which you are willing to spend your experience points in the future. If you are an experienced Agent, choose your primary talents. You may set more than one option.

  • Newbies - Agents with less experience but open to learn anything new.
  • Warriors - The kings of gunslingers.
  • EW specialist - The masters of the reconnaisance and auxiliary electronics and electronic warfare.
  • Miners/Harvesters - Exloiters of raw materials: ores and plants as well.
  • Manufacturers - The creators of new items and robots.
  • Researchers - Who own the knowledge to create specimens of items based on Nian technologies.
  • Haulers - Transporting huge masses from one place to another.
  • Traders - Marketing gurus (selling and buying).
  • Officers/Leaders - Who are capable of managing/commanding a group, or even a whole corporation.

Active time zones - Choose the timezone in which you are actually living - it is the timezone that the majority of the chosen corporation's employees will be active in.

Provided services

  • Active internal market - There's a private marketing system within the corporation in which the members can buy and sell items exclusively among each other.
  • Corporation insurance - The corporation is willing to pay the insurance fee of your robot.
  • Regular combat/mining op - Members of the corporation regularly go out to fight NPCs or exploit together.

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