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Spark teleportation is a technology which enables Agents to quickly jump back and forth between terminals. However, this technology only allows the transfer of sparks - no robots or other equipment can be brought along. The common usage of spark teleportation is remote asset management, but of course if you have a robot at the destination terminal, you can easily continue your operations from there.

Spark teleportation needs a teleport target where it can send your spark to, and you can only set a target if you are at that terminal, you can't remotely set targets. Every Agent can only have a limited number of set teleport targets, this is controlled by the Spark teleportation extension, found under the Robot control extension category. Teleport targets can be deleted remotely from the list of targets though, in case you don't need them anymore.

The teleport process itself is very simple: under the Spark teleport tab in your Agent profile, you can see your previously set targets. Select a target terminal, and push the teleport button, or select it from the right-click menu. Teleportation is only possible from inside a terminal to another terminal, it's not possible to teleport away from the terrain.

Obviously you cannot teleport to the terminal you are currently at, this terminal is shown in green.

There is the possibility that you have a target at a terminal with active access control, and you won't be able to spark teleport there if the owner denied access to you. In this case the terminal will be dimmed out in the target list.

Both setting a teleport target and teleporting has a modest NIC fee.

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