Private mail

Header icon of the mailbox

Agents can send private messages through the information network maintained by the Syndicate.

To compose a message, click on new mail. To delete a mail, right click on it and select Trash. To protect against accidental deletion, trashed messages are indexed in the Trash tab. Deleting them again in this area removes them forever.

The topic of a message cannot exceed 40 characters, and the message itself 2000 characters. You can search for the recipient Agent in the Syndicate database.

Private messaging is not a tool of mass media! You can send only one message at a time to only one agent.

Corporation bulletins

The bulletin wall is the primary tool of messaging among corporation members. If any of the entitled members (CEO, Deputy CEO, PR manager) posts a message on the window, all the other Agents in the corporation can see that. Every member can post comments on bulletins, but deleting them is a privilege of the aforementioned entitled members.

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