My profile / Relations

This window is designed to help you manage your contacts and relations. To add an Agent to any of these windows, just right-click on his or her name and choose the correct command.


In Perpetuum your default relation towards other Agents is neutral. If you set something different, (hostile, bad, good, friendly) the Agent will be displayed here.

Corporation standings

This is the page where you can track all your relations towards NPC or player-created corporations. Having a friendly status is beneficial in two ways. First, the members of the corporation (in theory) will not shoot you on sight, which is otherwise commonplace on Beta islands. Remember that just because you are friendly towards a corporation does not necessarily mean they are friendly towards you! Second, the facilities on megacorporate-owned terminals are operated by NPC corporations. Strong positive relations could result in significant discounts or greater efficiency when using their facilities. You can improve your relationship with an NPC corp, gradually, by completing their assignments.


You can add all the agents with whom you have had any relations with to this list.


If you block an agent, you won't receive any messages or invitations from him or her.

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