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Knowledge base

The production tab serves two highly useful functions. The first, your Knowledge Base, has to do with kernels and research. Enemy robots often drop Kernels as loot. These objects may seem a little strange at first, but don't throw them away. They are extremely valuable to developing one's knowledge about the alien technologies.

Items that are at 100% are ready for prototyping

There are two uses for freshly looted kernels. The first one is to sell them on the market; there may not always be a buy order up for the kernel you’ve found (or at a price you find acceptable) but chances are you’ll be able to post them at a reasonable price for a nice income. The other alternative is to research the kernel yourself. Right-click on the icon of the alien kernel, and choose research. A window should pop up, showing you an instantly updated status of your knowledge base. The percentages and items that kernels provide is totally random, only one thing is sure: the higher level the kernel is, the more advanced items you get to know. Kernels will also tend to fill in lower levels of knowledge within their realm before moving on to higher ones. (You won’t tend to learn much about T2 items until you’ve finished most of the T1 available –certainly the T1 for that item.)

Also, if you are trying to get a certain knowledge of a specific type of weapon, try to collect kernels of the associated race (eg. laser weapons = kernels of the Thelodica Clan).

The purpose of research is simple: if you have a 100% knowledge of an item, you are then allowed to produce that item in the Prototype facility. If your aim is to become a master of industry, try to extend your knowledge as much as you can!

Production history

Whenever you use either of the production facilities, (Reverse engineering, Factory, Prototype facility) a record will be stored and logged here.

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