Initial extensions

The character development system of Perpetuum is quite similar to other role-playing games, but there are some key details that need further explanation.

Since your character's human form does not appear in the game, the only way to gain new abilities is to develop your digitalized, alter-ego (Spark). There are available software packages (called extensions) for all possible skills, each costing a certain amount of extension points.

The experience or learning system of Perpetuum is time-based. That means destroying enemies or completing missions will not affect your available extension points. The rate of EP accumulation is 1 extension point/minute for every account owner regardless of if you log in and play, or not. This means if you need to take a week off for whatever reason, there will be a great many EP available on your return!

Keep in mind, though, that it's not the character who receives points, but your whole account! Let's say you have 1000 extension points, and you spend 100 on your first character. You will have 900 points remaining for all of your characters.

During character creation, you will see a list of extensions in the lower left corner. The extensions which are highlighted in yellow are the ones that your current decision affect. Changing your current selection will alter which skills you gain, and so some (perhaps all) of the listed skills will change. Skills in grey were granted to you by a previous decision you made; in order to change those you’ll have to backtrack to a previous decision and change it as well.

Try clicking on each possibility when reaching a new stage of character creation, and see which extensions each choice offers – no choices at this stage are permanent until you are prompted to enter a name for your character.

You can read more about the types and purposes of extensions here.

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