Channels are the stages of direct communication. This window is supposed to help you to find specific channels in the list of all the existing channels.

Are you lost in the huge mass of channels? Try entering letters or full keywords into the Filter channel bracket.

You can create a channel by clicking on the New channel button.

You can manage your opened channels in the chat window.

Public channels

Everyone is welcome in channels that have bold names, for example the Help! channel, or specific language channels (Russian, German, etc.).

The other kind of channels (regular, simple text names) are also free to join, but those are player-made.

In both kind of channels you are expected to obey the rules of the EULA!

Private channels

These channels names are in italic. That means they are password protected. You can also set your channel private, if you create a channel and set its password by right-clicking anywhere on the text field.

It's useful to refresh the channel list from time to time.

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