The terrain and the rules

Welcome to the terrain!

The view might seem quite complicated at first sight, so let us give you some advice on what to do, and how to start your career.

HUD windows

All of these boxes are essential to drive your robot on the terrain, but its up to you which windows you want to keep open. Each of these windows can be toggled on or off by clicking on their icon in the right side of the header. There are other options to edit your HUD windows:


Simply grab the header of a specific window and drag it to a suitable place of the screen.


You can also resize each window by grabbing the lower right corner of it.

Once you set the windows' position it will be stored and you will never need to set it again when you deploy again.

If you want to know more about the terrain, or the HUD elements, look them up in the X. chapter of the game guide.

What to do on the terrain?

The world of Perpetuum has quite few restrictions, no matter which activity you prefer: fighting, producing goods, managing diplomatic relations, or starting an own enterprise.

We strongly recommend that you map the surrounding terrain. Identify hostile robot types, and prepare yourself against them! Locate useful resources for the industry! Find other Agents and join your forces to become more efficient!

Basic Laws

The Syndicate has established some secure areas to prevent illegal actions. Only the Alpha islands are protected in this way. Secure areas effectively mean that you cannot attack another Agent residing in them, unless they have the PvP flag activated (see below).

The PvP flag

The PvP flag button is located on your robot's status bar, a small lightning symbol. This PvP flag has two roles: it allows you to shoot at other PvP flagged Agents, but it also allows other Agents to shoot you. This flag actually notifies the police of the declaration of an official hostile status, and Agents who have the PvP flag turned on can destroy each other in the police protected area. If you shoot someone in the police area who has turned on their PvP flag yours will also turn on automatically.

The PvP flag has an effect of 5 minutes after your last aggression, then it automatically turns off.

Molecular instability and syndicate protection

Both these effects are shown below your robot status window.

Molecular instability is a state in which the robot cannot use any instant translocation beams because of a recent teleportation. This means that after using a teleport, or deploying onto the terrain from an outpost or a terminal, you need to wait until this state elapses to use those facilities once again.

Syndicate protection is a feature that aims to defend Agents after using teleport stations or terminals/outposts. After you've arrived at your new location, the protection clock starts to run and during that time other Agents cannot attack you. You can, however, be affected by all forms of Electronic Warfare. The syndicate protection instantly disappears if you move with your robot or activate any of your modules.

Restrictions of entering a terminal

During the above mentioned aggression status you cannot enter any terminal or outpost. You also receive a restriction notification when deploying onto the terrain.

The owner of containers

Anytime an Agent shoots at an NPC, a 30 second counter is triggered. During that time, this Agent, its squadmates and corporation colleagues will gain the exclusive right to open the loot container the NPC drops. Remember, that each firing cycle starts over this 30-second counter. When this time elapses and the NPC is still alive, a new Agent can attack the NPC to become the new owner.

The only chance for you to get an NPC’s container contents from the rightful owner is to wait for them to loot it, and kill the owner. (Or you could buy it from them, but where’s the fun in that?)

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