Outpost Controls

The owner corporation should try to reach the highest stability level possible by successfully defending SAPS during intrusions. The higher the stability level is, the more advantages the corporation can achieve.


Reach at least 50 stability points and you can use the Access Control. By using this option, you can determine who can enter your outpost. Set the least relation level requirement, for example good and above and only those Agents can enter the outpost who have at least a good relation with the whole corporation.

Another important control function is the Aura system. An applied Aura will affect every Agent in the whole zone, but only Aura can be applied at a time! To switch an Aura, you have to wait for 24 hours. You can see each Aura's stability requirement next to the Aura's name, obviously, the higher stability you have, the better Auras you can apply.

In case the stability decreases below the required level, these effects instantly break off.


Every facility has plenty of available facilities for industrial activities. Such facilites can be upgraded, so they will work more efficiently. The owner receives 1 upgrade point after every 10 stability points, accordingly a drop of stability can take away upgrade points. Let's say your outpost is at stability level 35 (that grants you 3 upgrade points), and your corporation first decided to use 1 point to upgrade the Factory, than 1 to upgrade the Reverse Engineering. 1 point remained unassigned. The corporation then fails to defend several consecutive intrusion events, and the stability drops to 10. The corporation will lose its unassigned upgrade point, and also the Reverse Engineering will jump back to level 1.

Status log

This detailed log will help you to view the intrusion archives of that outpost. Don't forget to refresh!

Public description

This information is available for Agents who right-click on the outpost on the map to view its details. As an outpost owner you might want to appeal other Agents to use your facilites or other services.

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