Territorial warfare

On each beta island, there are anywhere between 2-4 outposts, and controlling rights to these structures can be acquired by any corporation bold enough to do so.

Corporations compete in these so-called intrusion events to decide which of them is strong enough to take control over an outpost.

Stability system in practice

Every outpost has a stability scale of a total 100 points. The current owner of an outpost can apply certain bonuses to its member Agents, depending on the amount of available stability points. These points can be increased (by a successful defense by the owner) or decreased (by a successful intrusion from the attackers) via the Service Access Points (SAPs) of the outpost.

Each of the capturable outposts have 3-3 SAPs respectively, on the terrain, around the outpost. These SAPs can be captured by completing certain tasks, reducing therefore the stability for the owner.

When does an intrusion start? How can I know that?

Each outpost has three SAPs, but only one opens at a time. It is up to the corporations to reveal the active SAP, but you can do a little investigation beforehand. Upon using an intrusion scanner charge (purchasable on the market) near an outpost, you can see the approximate date when one of the three possible SAPs will open. Be aware that such intrusion scannings will have a visual signal on the terrain, revealing the intention that someone might try to attack during the next intrusion.

Intrusions cycle in 8-16 hour intervals. That means that at least 8 hours after the last intrusion, both the attackers and the defenders should prepare to fight.

The task and reward of the attackers

There is no need for a corporation to register, every individual Agent is free to attack in the name of his or her corporation. After a successful intrusion the stability level of the outpost, thus the power of the owner will decrease. Apart from the opportunity to weaken another corporation, every succesfully captured SAP will drop a loot container filled with valuable items when the outpost has at least 20 stability before the intrusion event. This container is free to open for everyone, and the higher stability the outpost had, the more valuable loot you can expect.

The task and reward of the defenders

In order to increase stability, the current owners have to to complete their own intrusion events. Of course they also need to prevent anyone from completing them, as that will decrease stability, and eventually bring the outpost into a contested state (see capturing an outpost below).

Intrusion events last for up to 1 hour. Events that are not completed by anyone before the time runs out will not affect stability, they will not drop loot, and they won't show up in the intrusion event log.

SAP types

The points next to the type name defines the increase of stability after a successful defense, and the decrease value after a successful intrusion.

1. Passive hacking - 10 stability points

This point is guarded by a simple defense system, you can capture it by being inside the marked circle with your robot for a given time. You're done when your robot finishes hacking the point. Each player’s progress can be tracked using the intrusion window - leaving the circle will pause the timer, and eventually rewind it. The first player to complete the hack is all that matters.

2. Active hacking - 15 stability points

This is a much complicated defense system, therefore extra tools are needed here. You need to equip a SAP hacking module (can be purchased on any Beta Terminal market). If you want to capture the point, lock it, and activate the hacking module.

3. Destruction - 15 stability points

The goal is simple: destroy the marked object. The corporation that inflicts the most damage to this SAP wins.

4. Specimen processing - 20 stability points

After locking the point click on the interact button to view the requirement window. You then have to put the required type and amount of the specific items to succeed. The fastest corporation that manages to collect the requirements wins. This type of SAP requires fast and efficient teamwork!

Why should one fight for an outpost?

The higher the stability is, the better bonuses can the corporation ensure for its members. The bonuses below can be edited and applied by the CEO, the Deputy CEOs, and the Financial officers of the corporation in the Outpost controls window. The three main groups of bonuses are:

Zone Auras

The higher the stability is, the better Auras become available for a corporation (for example the Mining Aura that enhances the amount of mined mineral). These Auras affect every corporation member on the whole zone, but only one can be applied at a time! It is advised to choose the active Aura wisely, as you have to wait for the reconfiguration period (24 hours) to elapse, so that you can apply a new one.

Access Control

Whenever the stability reaches 50, the corporation has the opportunity to close the entire outpost to exclude unwanted visitors. The corporation can apply a certain relation level to decide who is allowed to come in, e.g. good and above.

Facility upgrading

Depending on the current stability level, the coproration can upgrade the efficiency level of the available facilites (e.g. Factory). The corporation receives 1 upgrade point at every 10 stability points (therefore an outpost at full stability grants 10 available upgrade points) that can be spent to upgrade a facility to the maximum level of 4.

Financial benefits

Agents are obliged to pay for using certain facilities in a base. On terminals this sum goes to the Syndicate, but the facilities of capturable outposts are maintained by the new owner. The owner corporation receives a certain proportion of every amount spent on the outposts:

  • 50% of corporation storage renting fees
  • 50% of manufacturing costs in the factory
  • 50% of reverse engineering fees
  • 50% of prototyper fees
  • 75% of the repair shop's fees
  • 100% of market fees

How can a corporation capture an outpost?

Quite simple: when stability points reach zero. Let's say an outpost is at a stability of 10, and the current owners lose another intrusion. The outpost's status will change to contested. That is the chance for every corporation (even for the previous owner!) to claim owner rights. The next intrusion winner will become the owner of the outpost with a starting stability of 5.

Influence = fame

The current owner of each outpost is visible on the map as well. Right-click on the outpost to view every information about it: public description, development level of its facilities, and the graph of its previous stability changes. Who knows, creating a positive image of your own outpost's services might also attract customers!

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