Alien robots still get into Syndicate-dominated areas, destroy them to get their precious loot. After you destoy an enemy NPC on the terrain, usually a container remains that can hold the following items:


After taking out mainly combat-specialized robots, you may get some of their remaining ammunition. Watch for the type of destroyed robots, e.g. a Pelistal robot carries missiles.


You can of course also obtain the items that your victim was carrying. It is advised to use a chassis scanner on them beforehand to check their currently fitted equipment. Unfortunately at the moment of the robot's destruction, most of its equipment is destroyed as well. Also, remaining pieces of equipment get damaged, so you need to repair them to be able to use them on your own robot.

Icon of a data console
Data consoles and SynSec containers
Valuable caskets holding information that are important for the Syndicate. The only purpose of data consoles is that some assignments ask you to retrieve them. The name of the related assignment can be found in the square brackets. It is important to note that you need to take the assignments first in order to make the acquirement of consoles count.

Icon of a nuimqol heavy mech kernel
Kernels are pieces of the alien robots' knowledge. Kernels are first and foremost important for those craftsmen who plan to produce items and sell them on the market.

Icon of a functional pelistal fragment
Special components that are required to manufacture whole robots. Essential parts of the circle of industry, but the only way to provide enough fragments for the industry is that combat specialized Agents collect as much as they can and sell them.

Icon of a functional pelistal fragment
Essential components to create calibration templates. Rare and valuable items.

Icon of a thelodica reactor plasma
Reactor plasma
Valuable, but at the same time dangerous and unstable remains of the alien robots' reactor. They provide a good source of income as the Syndicate always pays for them. The larger the robot you destroy, the more plasma you may find in the loot container.

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