Update news for 2010-11-15


  • Fix: ECMs will not reset mobile teleport cycles anymore.
  • Fix: Fixed the "Command cannot be executed" error when using in-zone teleports.

Robots and modules

  • New: Added a new attribute for armor plates and lightweight frames called "Demobilizer resistance". The effect somewhat resembles inertia, since in case of armor plates this resistance weakens the slowdowning effect of demobilizers, while equipping lightweight frames increases their effect.
  • New: Line-of-sight calculations are now applied to energy drainers, energy transferers, energy neutralizers and remote armor repairers.
  • Change: Increased the mass of armor plates.
  • Change: Increased the armor provided by armor plates.
  • Change: Sensor supressor modules are now chance-based just like ECMs and ECCM provides defense against both modules. The new "EW strength" parameter in both ECMs and sensor suppressors is now compared against robots' and ECCMs "sensor strength" parameter in calculations. Read more about this in help.
  • Change: Increased the base speed of Cameleon by 1.8 kph.
  • Change: Reduced the AP usage of magnetic weapons.
  • Change: Reset flight path calculation (the LOS arc) of missiles to its original (lower) state.
  • Change: Optimal range of medium ballistic missiles lowered from 350m to 330m (420m to 395m in case of HEAT-IX missiles).
  • Change: Increased the explosion size of medium ballistic missiles to 10m.
  • Change: Set the explosion size of seismic missiles to the same size as all the other missile types.
  • Change: Increased the volume of energy injector charges.
  • Change: Zenith's EW energy usage bonus changed to EW range bonus.
  • Fix: Shield absorption did not take robot size into account.


  • New: Added NPC respawn effects.
  • New: Improved/fixed teleport beam effects.
  • New: Added missing wreck models for many robots.


  • New: Added the "Efficient ECM technology" extension to reduce the accumulator usage of ECM modules.


  • Change: Changed the raw mineral requirements for Espitium and Alligior.


  • Change: In Tutorial assignment #9 the two delivery objectives have been merged, so you have to collect 3+3 items of the same type.
  • Fix: Fixed the fading standing gain of assignments: for example a level 1 assignment will reward full standings as long as your standing to the contractor corporation is below 2.1. After 2.1 the standing reward will gradually fade away and give less and less, until you reach 3.1 standing with the contractor corporation, when it will stop giving any standing rewards. For level 2 assignments the fading range is between 3.1 - 4.1, and so on.


  • New: Added option to change the volume of robot movement sounds.


  • New: Improved disconnect mechanism.
  • Fix: Various crash fixes and stability improvements.

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