Recruitment drive

From: Jean Guillard, Dep. Director

To: Lane Chien-Tsou, Dir. Outreach

Subject: Project Perpetuum Recruitment Drive


Sign up today!


Project Perpetuum is looking for the best and brightest minds on Earth to help carve out a glorious future for humanity!

Does clinical immortality interest you?

How about the chance for nearly unlimited wealth for all those you care about?

Would you be interested in living in your own, personally designed paradise when not working?

If you answered any of these questions, "YES!" then apply for Project Perpetuum today! We're currently looking for people interested in making their own way inside the safe zone on Nia. Set your own schedule. Develop your own team. Make your own decisions, be your own boss! Carve out a legacy for your family for generations!

At Perpetuum Station in Earth orbit, you will become an elite member of the Project Perpetuum staff - an Agent of humanity's will on Nia. Once you've interfaced with PerpNet, your awareness will shift to the location of your Spark - your consciousness within the Nian networks, where you will pilot your machine of war or industry to greatness. Wield a behemoth of destructive force never before witnessed on Earth! Pilot an industrial giant that shapes continents and builds armies! Have no fear of a tragic accident - because your mind and body are housed back at Perpetuum Station, a destroyed Nian machine doesn't mean death for you - simply rejoin with your Spark back at any Nian terminal, grab another Nian machine, and head out anew!

Ready for a break? Retract your Spark back to Perpnet and enjoy the virtual reality of YOUR choice. Want a mansion in the mountains? It's yours! Want a beach house on a quiet coast? Enjoy! Share your own private paradise with another Agent, or create a virtual companion of your own design. Any sport you can dream of or imagine can be created. Always want to be a professional athlete? Test your mettle against other Agents on Perpnet!

Apply today at any local franchise - be a part of making humanity's glorious future a reality. Project Perpetuum: a chance at a legacy like no other. Sign up today!

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