2016-11-08 - Patch 3.8.2 - Syndicate robots: Wave 3

Spotlight features

Syndicate robots: Wave 3

The 3rd group of new Syndicate robots has arrived! This wave consists of two assault-class robots: the Cronus, specialized in both mining and harvesting, and the Hermes, specialized in artifact hunting. Both are now available for purchase for a combination of faction tokens and NIC in the Syndicate Supplies store.

For more information on Syndicate robots check out our relevant blog posts: Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3.



Class: Assault robot specialized in mining and harvesting

"The Cronus is the missing link between the light and mech class Nian industrial robots, suitable for both mining and harvesting duties.

Although it can't really compete with the higher robot classes regarding productivity, its versatility makes it the Swiss Army knife of small-scale industrial operations."



Class: Assault robot specialized in exploration

"The Nians apparently don't care much for their own history, so there wasn't any specialized robot that we could use as our own to discover underground artifacts.

However, with the use of hybrid technologies we were able to build the Hermes - an assault robot that is not only equipped with accurate and high range underground sensors, but also has ample combat capabilities to defend itself when facing an ambush."

Tuning module rebalancing

Following the concept of ECM and sensor suppressor tunings, all types of tuning modules now received a negative attribute in the form of increased accumulator usage for the tuned modules.

In practice this means that when you equip e.g. a weapon tuning, the affected weapons will not only have higher damage and reduced cycle times, but will also use more energy with each cycle. Of course along with the bonuses, this penalty also stacks with each additional tuning module equipped.

Additionally, armor repairer tunings and industrial tunings received a substantial boost to their positive bonuses.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Increased the base speed of the Argano and the Laird (including all variants) from 104.4 kph to 109.8 kph.
  • Change: Replaced the artifact scanning range bonus of the Argano with a bonus to signal masking.
  • Fix: There was a mismatch between the packed volume and actual volume usage of the Echelon and the Daidalos.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Change: Increased the manufacturing unit of construction blocks from 5 to 10. (Meaning you'll get twice the amount of blocks from a production cycle using the same amount of components.)
  • Change: Recuded the volume of construction blocks and deconstruction charges from 0.5 U to 0.1 U.
  • Change: Reduced the cycle time of the construction module from 17 to 10 secs, and reduced its accumulator usage from 350 to 200 AP.
  • Fix: Some building types had irrelevant options in their right-click menus under Corporation management/Colonies/Owned structures.
  • Fix: The calibration lab was charging fees twice for every process.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the client was notified multiple times about daily EP packages, which caused it to think you had more EP than you actually did. This caused various issues when you tried to install extensions, but no EP was ever lost due to this.
  • New: Screenshot uploading to imgur was not working anymore, we have changed the upload feature to use uploads.im instead.
  • New: Added buttons to the event log to redo click actions that you might have missed when the event notification came up.

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