2016-08-04 - Patch 3.8 - Syndicate robots: Wave 1

Spotlight features

Syndicate robots: Wave 1

This patch introduces the first three robots of the Syndicate faction, which are now available for purchase for a combination of faction tokens and NIC in the Syndicate Supplies store. For more information on Syndicate robots check out our relevant blog post.



Class: Light robot specialized in firearms

"The smallest member of our hybrid-technology fleet of robots. Its armor is weaker than the average, but its small size makes up for it, resulting in a hard to hit target. Coupled with excellent detection and masking systems, the Vektor makes not only a good scout, but a tough opponent in combat as well."



Class: Assault robot specialized in firearms

"The gist of our firearm-wielding force. A swarm of Locusts can quickly shred enemy groups, but their specialized framework increases their survivability in solo engagements too."



Class: Light robot specialized in transportation

"The Ikarus is a snappy answer to the Perpetuum Project's long-standing need for a fast and light transport. Its main element is a repurposed Argano-chassis, stripped of anything disposable to make room for the relatively large cargo hold. Aided by the agile undercarriage of the Laird, this is the most efficient robot to get fair-sized packages from A to B quickly. Speed comes at a price though, as the construction is very fragile."

EP boosters affecting EP rewards

Based on a forum suggestion, we’re incorporating EP boosters into the EP reward system. The result is that if you have an active EP booster, any EP rewards that you receive from your ingame activities will be doubled. (This comes after the handicap bonus multiplier.)

This change alone would result in a way too high EP reward multiplier for starting Agents if they are using a booster, so we decided to cut the handicap multiplier in half, which will start from 50x instead of 100x. (Basically if you are using a booster after this change, you will receive roughly the same EP rewards like now.)

Lighting and environment tuning

The lighting, environment, and post-processing setup of the game has been revisited, to make your time on the terrain feel a bit nicer.


  • New: From now on every morning at 8:00 server time, artifacts that are older than 3 days will be deleted and new ones will spawn.
  • Fix: Using the "empty robot" function on your active robot will now properly update the robot model in the terminal background.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Increased the missile cycle time bonus of the Castel and the Waspish from 1% to 3% per extension level.
  • Change: Reduced the base armor of the Prometheus from 850 to 800.
  • Change: The demobilizer resistance bonus of the Arbalest has been changed to bonus to armor repair amount.


  • New: An active EP booster now doubles EP rewards gained from ingame activities.
  • Change: The daily EP amount when using an EP booster has been increased to 2880 EP.
  • Change: The starting multiplier for EP rewards has been changed from 100 to 50.
  • New: Added the "Syndicate combat robot control" and "Syndicate industrial robot control" extensions, which are a requirement for using the new Syndicate robots.
  • Change: Increased the minimum "Combat robot specialist" extension requirement from level 1 to level 2 for combat assault-class robots, level 3 for combat mechs, and level 4 for heavy combat mechs.
  • Change: Increased the minimum "Industrial robot specialist" extension requirement from level 1 to level 2 for industrial assault-class robots, level 3 for industrial mechs, and level 4 for heavy industrial mechs.


  • Change: Reduced EP rewards for mining and harvesting from 1 EP per minute to 1 EP per 2 minutes on average (without bonuses).
  • Change: EP rewards for industrial processes are now based on every started hour of production. So far EP was awarded for every completed hour which meant that processes taking less than an hour got 0 EP.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: The standing system will now consider players who are not in any player-run corporation as neutral (this means players in starter corps and freelancers). This enables gamma building auras to affect them if the relation setting of the building is set to neutral or lower. Do note that this doesn't only affect auras, but turret settings too, as well as the access control setting of gamma bases. If you don't want neutral players to enter your base, you need to set the access relation to good or friendly.


  • Change: Reduced the volume of mining and harvesting assignment proof items.
  • Fix: Fixed various bugs when delivering multiple assignments at once. We have also changed the behavior of the deliver button: instead of delivering everything possible for every active assignment, it will now only deliver items for the selected assignment. This should further prevent delivery conflicts from happening.
  • Fix: Mining and harvesting assignment proof items were sometimes not registered by the objective on pickup.

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