2016-02-10 - 3.7.4 Patch notes


  • Fix: The PvP flag won't disappear anymore when teleporting.
  • Change: Removed positive speed modifiers from Observer NPCs (for real now).


  • New: Added a participants tab into the assignment objectives window. This shows a list of the squad members who have contributed in some way to the assignment, and will get a share of the NIC reward.
  • Change: The NIC reward share of non-participating squad members won't be accumulated by the participating members anymore, it will be lost instead. Note that assignment difficulty is still calculated by the squad size when requesting an assignment.
  • Change: Non-participating squad members won't get an "assignment complete" window anymore.
  • Fix: Nuimqol and Thelodica requisition slips now ask for the proper ICS/ASI tokens in Syndicate Supplies.
  • Change: Reduced the NIC cost of black robots to 2,500,000,000 in Syndicate Supplies.
  • Change: Faction token volumes reduced by 50%.


  • Change: Reduced the delay of tooltips to near-instant.


  • Change: Updated the character deletion confirmation window and removed the second confirmation window.

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