2015-12-18 - 3.7.2 Patch notes - Premium packages

Spotlight features

New premium packages available

Today we're introducing new premium packages and upgrade kits for Perpetuum. Our main goal here is to be able to reach a wider audience by permanently reducing the price of the base game, while still providing something extra for those who are willing to support us beyond that.

The upgrade kits contain varying amounts of Extension Points, Perpetuum Credits, Alien Improbability Devices, and also exclusive new sparks, and the Perpetuum original soundtrack.

These kits are organized into the above mentioned premium packages, which include the base game plus one or both of the kits - the picture below should give you a nice breakdown.

Premium packages

Note that these packages are currently available on Steam only, but we'll offer them in our own store soon as well.

For more details please see our new devblog: http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/2015-12-19-new-premium-packages-available/

Robots and modules

  • Fix: The EW NEXUS should now work again.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: A number of turret attributes were using higher or sometimes even doubled values (armor, resistances, hit size, etc.) compared to the intended values due to a bug. These have been fixed now, but be aware that this also means that turrets are now easier to kill, and their signal detection and masking is now also halved.
  • Fix: Destroying highway nodes sometimes didn't remove their speed effect.
  • Fix: Highway and aura emitter nodes had the wrong explosion and wreck models assigned to them.


  • Fix: Teleport anomalies will now properly update on the map.
  • Fix: Corrected the relation requirement display for sparks as these haven't been multiplied by 100 when the random assignment system was released. (Unlocking happened normally, this was just a display issue.)

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