2015-06-20 - 3.6.2 Patch notes


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with ammo number updates in modules when opening the equip window of field terminals (and possibly also when teleporting to another island).
  • Fix: NPCs won't unlock you anymore when they start to head back to their home point.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with single-cycle modules (or normal modules set to "manual") where reloading them while their cooldown was still running would start an unintended activation cycle after it.


  • Fix: Assignment loot containers were occasionally spawned into unreachable spots.
  • Fix: Fixed occasional "entityNotFound" errors for legacy assignment switches.
  • Change: Moved some rank 4 NPCs from level 2 assignments up to level 3, and rank 0s from level 1 down to level 0.
  • Change: Assignment items in legacy assignments will now drop with 100% chance.

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