2015-05-12 - Hotfix for 3.5.7


  • Fix: Reworked the sending of terrain layer data, which should stop plant-related lag.
  • Fix: Fix for roaming NPCs not respawning on gamma.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Turrets will not fire modules anymore without clear line of sight, if the obstacle is indestructible by that module.
  • Fix: Reworked the way energy wells pull out energy from the ground. Previously tiles were randomly picked which caused the extraction to slow down when the field started to get depleted, and their energy output became erratic. Now they will work their way from the center of the well outwards in a circular pattern, and they shouldn't leave residual energy tiles within their mining range anymore either. Energy output should be also consistent now as long as there are still energy tiles within extraction range.
  • Change: Energy amount in energy fields increased by ~50%, while their area got reduced by ~50%. This only affects fields that spawn from now on. Note that due to the above change to how the wells extract energy (basically more efficiently), it's possible that fields will deplete somewhat sooner than before, even with the amount increase, if your network has a constant demand for their full output.
  • Fix: Fix for not being able to take over enemy MPC buildings that have been forcefully disconnected from their network.
  • Fix: Activating building foundations (when the holo-building appears) will now clear out decorational plants under the building. Because this didn't happen so far, it was possible that AoE explosion damage next to a building cleared out decorational plants below them, which also took blockings with it. This is the reason why some of your buildings have holes in their blocking now, which we'll fix soon.

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