2014-10-16 - 3.5.2 Patch notes

Spotlight features

New mineral spawning system

With this patch we're deploying a new method for spawning (and storing) minerals. From a gameplay perspective this doesn't really bring significant changes (at least for now), although you can expect more varied patches of minerals regarding shape and size. Another new mechanic is that untouched mineral fields will fully despawn after a week (useful when fields are spawning to unreachable places on gamma islands). This 1 week timer is reset when at least one cycle is mined from the field.

Since the system is vastly different from the one we've had so far, all mineral fields have been reset. We have also removed all geoscan result items from map folders and storages as they have become outdated.


  • Fix: The space key and the module group hotkeys will now work when shooting plants. Note that when you have mixed modules equipped, they will all activate when pressing space. (e.g. weapons and harvesters).
  • New: Interzone mobile teleport deployment will be cancelled if there are no destination teleports in range.


  • New: Tile-based geoscan results uploaded to the map don't include "heatmap" data anymore, only the type of the mineral, the timestamp, and the coordinate. The reason behind this is that the exact heatmap data became outdated in a very short time and it did not really matter how exactly the field looks like, only that some of that mineral exists there. Due to this the display on the map has also changed from a heatmap box to a pin showing the location and the mineral icon.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Change: Energy fields now behave like liquid minerals.
  • New: It is now possible to change the market tax rate of gamma terminals. The setting is located on the top right info panel when selecting a terminal in colony management. Tax rate is also publicly shown in the information window of terminals.
  • Fix: Remote items in gamma terminals were only visible after you entered them at least once during a session.
  • Fix: "Entered emergency phase" log entries were missing the Agent who did it.


  • Fix: Reach position objectives could be completed on other islands at the same coordinates.

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