Update news for 2014-04-22 - Gamma reset

Gamma reset

All items located on gamma islands have been moved to the terminal of your choice. This includes buildings (converted to foundations+construction blocks), items in buildings, players in robots, terraforming beacons, proximity probes, etc. If you have missed to set the reimbursement location, you'll find your gamma items in the TM Alpha terminal.

Gamma islands are now closed until we finish testing and development of the new rules on the test server and we're confident about them.

We will also provide a reimbursement package for terraforming, but this will be done at a later time.

Gamma island terrain (ie. the heightmaps) have not been reset yet in this patch, so if you still see the old artificial terrain, that's normal.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Players/robots/items on terrain should not disappear anymore.


  • Change: Removed the gamma reimbursement selectors.

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