Update news for 2012-06-03


  • Change: The total operational time of loot and field containers has been increased to 1 hour. (This was missing from the previous patch notes.)
  • Change: Loot and field containers can be shot and destroyed on beta and gamma islands. (This was missing from the previous patch notes.)
  • Fix: Syndicate Supplies is available again.
  • Fix: The blocking of noralgis will now get properly cleared.
  • Fix: Fixed the consistency of the terrain slope display.
  • Fix: Fixed the drop rate of rare minerals.


  • Fix: Mining beams were not visible when mining silgium and colixum.


  • Fix: The Intensive mass production extension has been removed for real now. EP has been reimbursed for those who upgraded it again.


  • Fix: Existing Mk2 CTs with less than 100 points have been multiplied by 2, to compensate their value compared to the new Mk2 CTs found now in artifacts. (Since we can't make a difference, this also applies to 50 point Mk2 CTs found since the Gamma Frontier patch.)
  • Fix: The refinery will now work properly with an input value over 100,000 too.
  • Fix: Colixum and Silgium mining charges can now be researched and manufactured.
  • Change: Extensions and facility efficiency values will now contribute more points to the final efficiency value in the case of reverse engineering and the calibration lab.


  • Fix: Various fixes to a lot of assignments.
  • Fix: Fixed some new assignments not giving relation rewards.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Change: Production efficiency increase of facility upgrades has been slightly increased.
  • Fix: The Advanced main terminal foundation had the standard reactor in its component list.

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