Update news for 2012-02-14

Spotlight features

Wall maintenance units

These new maintenance devices can be used to quickly and easily repair damaged walls. Once deployed, they will automatically start their repair cycles within a set radius, up until their reserves last. Their effect radius is displayed on the radar with a green circle, so you can easily track where you need to place them to cover all the walls you need fixed. During the repair process the maintenance units will gradually lose health and once they get depleted, or when their total operational time ends, they will get destroyed. There are 3 types available on the market, each with different effect radiuses, repair reserves, and of course prices.

In order to provide everyone the possibility to start with a clean sheet using the new maintenance units, all currently deployed walls have been repaired to 100% during this patch.


  • Fix: NPCs spawned from distress beacons or artifacts were not supposed to attack anyone else but those who spawn them or attack them. This has now been fixed.
  • Change: Multiple distress beacons cannot be deployed within 500m of each other anymore on alpha islands (beta islands are unaffected by this rule).
  • Change: Small changes to the NPC AI, they will now try to keep some distance to each other.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Plasma bomb volume has been reduced from 10 to 7.5 units.


  • Fix: When the market is set to "show only available" and you want to check the market information for an item that is not available, the market will switch back to "show all" mode, instead of showing you a blank window.
  • Change: Price changes:
Interzone teleport: 15.000.000 -> 10.000.000 NIC
Plasma bomb: 2.500.000 -> 1.500.000 NIC
Chemical bomb: 250.000 -> 150.000 NIC


  • New: Plant health bars are now shown in the landmark information window. (This was announced in a previous patch, but was accidentally left out.)

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