Update news for 2011-12-14


  • Fix: Intrusion SAP times are now persistent, meaning they won't reset after a server restart (this is the last time they do).
  • Fix: The specimen processing SAP could not be completed if you entered a terminal between item submission steps.
  • Fix: The mining, harvesting and geoscanning auras were broken.
  • Fix: Stability graphs in some of the outpost info windows were empty.
  • New: Added a new SAP locations tab to the outpost info windows, which shows the SAP locations for the specific outpost on a map.
  • Change: Changed the intrusion window outpost selector dropdown to tabs, so it's easier to see when two intrusions are happening at the same time.
  • Change: Intrusion SAP goals have been changed as follows:
Destruction: 5000 HP -> 10000 HP (with 150 point resistances before and after as well)
Active hacking: 60 cycles -> 120 cycles
Passive hacking: 5 mins -> 8 mins
Specimen processing: no change

Robots and modules

  • Fix: The mass parameter was missing from robot information windows when viewed from the market.


  • Fix: Various small fixes in the new level 3 assignments.


  • New: Added right-click contextmenu options to the owner corporation's logo in outpost information windows.
  • Fix: The "hidegui" console command will now properly hide the close and restore icons in fullscreen as well.

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