Update news for 2011-07-29


  • New: A few terraforming changes and some new highways on Hokkogaros.
  • New: Added a popup warning when attacking another Agent with a PvP flag on alpha islands.
  • Change: The non-assignment related NPC spawns on the inner alpha islands have been lightened up a bit.

Robots and modules

  • New: New lore-inspired robot descriptions.


  • New: NPCs spawned from a normal artifact will be automatically tagged for you for 5 minutes, and NPCs spawned from artifact-type assignment objectives will be automatically tagged for you for 1 hour.
  • Change: Assignment objective ranges are now checked in 2D. This solves the previous issues when the objective was on top of a hill, but objectives didn't get triggered at the foot of the hill, while it seemingly was still within range according to the radar.
  • Change: The "objective complete" 3D-animations will now be only visible for yourself to prevent congestion of graphic effects.
  • Change: Chassis-scanning objectives cannot be completed on a single NPC anymore, you'll have to scan different NPCs.
  • Change: The item supplier-type objectives received an activation timer.


  • New: Added missing icon for evasive modules.


  • New: Added a new option to options/gameplay called "Send network routing statistics". This tests and sends us valuable routing information about the connection between you and some possible future locations for the Perpetuum server. The option is only there so it can be turned off in case it causes some firewall issues for you (or you are overly paranoid). Otherwise we ask you to leave it checked, it helps us get a better picture on where we should move.
  • New: Exporting item info to CSV will now put the item's name into the filename.

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