Update news for 2011-06-27

Note: this patch is mainly due to fix lag issues, but since we have to update the game client as well, we're putting out some updates along with it. However since this patch was not planned this early, questions may arise like "why did you do this, but why didn't you do this?". These features will roll out in the next patch when they have been finished and properly tested.


  • Fix: When you used a teleporter with any active modules, syndicate protection was instantly removed from your robot on the other side.
  • Change: Alpha strike (space key) will now ignore modules with no ammo, instead of constantly trying to activate them. Also works when turning them off with space.


  • New: Streamlined the 10-part tutorial mission line (added extra objectives, replaced reach position with proper "dock in" objectives etc.).
  • New: Added optional toast popups for completing assignment objectives.


  • Change: Moved out the "Armor repairer tunings" category to the root of the "Armor" category.
  • Fix: The markets in range panel was incorrectly updated when you were about to sell another type of item than the displayed one.
  • New: Added a right-click buy option to the local items (green background) on the markets in range tab.


  • New: Added a search-as-you-type filter box to the chat channels window.
  • Change: Removed the 24-hour limit for deleting characters.
  • Change: Removed the EP-penalty popup warning for the first character on the account. (Only the warning, not the penalty itself!)
  • Fix: Links were not linkified in private conversations.
  • New: Specific scan information is now visible in geoscan result items.
  • Fix: The client went into a "not responding" state when you tried to close it during update.

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