Update news for 2011-05-31

Spotlight features

Geoscanning folders and changes

Geoscan result folders

This patch brings a few changes to the geoscanning mechanics and introduces geoscan result folders. So far when you performed a geoscan, you always got a result item in your cargo that you couldn't check before uploading it to your map, and most of the time you just trashed it after this since it had no real use anymore.

Now when you do an area or tile-based scan, the result will be immediately visible on the scanner window, so you can decide whether you want to keep it (upload it to your folders), or just simply ignore it and do another scan. No item is created anymore, it all happens between the scanner window and your result folders and the map.

Uploaded geoscan results are now organized into folders, primarily by islands and secondarily by mineral type. These are just the default folders, and you can also move results over to your own uniquely named folders. There you can also create good old items from your results (right-click on result, Create result item), in case you want to give it to fellow Agents. (This option is only available in terminals, since it needs a storage to put the item into.)

Long range demobilizers

Long range demobilizer modules are pretty much what the name suggests: lower speed modification potential than normal short range demobilizers, but they have a higher optimal range. Don't be deceived by their low Top speed modification values, they can be of course considerably modified by extensions and bonuses. For easier distinction of the modules, the new long ranged ones are called L-demobilizers, and the old ones have been renamed to S-demobilizers. Naturally, like all new technology, these modules are available via kernel research.


  • Fix: Robots were sometimes stuck after using a teleport.
  • Fix: Squad forming and inviting had issues when the invitees were in a different zone than the leader. This affected NEXUS effect distribution and member range displays too (among other problems).
  • Change: It is now possible to send NIC to trial characters. (We reserve the right to limit it again if we see any issues.)
  • Fix: Explosion damage will not affect players with Syndicate protection anymore.
  • Fix: NEXUS modules have been shut down when a target was lost.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Lowered the mass of T2 shield hardeners.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T2 and T3 medium armor plates.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T2 and T3 medium armor repairers.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T2, T3 and T4 small remote armor repairers.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T3 and T4 medium remote armor repairers.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T4 medium HCL laser.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T3- (Niani) shield hardener.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T3- (Niani) small energy transferer.
  • Fix: Fixed the mass of T3- (Niani) medium energy transferer.
  • Fix: Fixed the T4 thermal ERP's kinetic damage recovery parameter.
  • Change: Increased the locking range of heavy combat mechs.
  • Change: Cremators (Arbalest NPCs) had incorrectly medium armor plates equipped - changed to light armor plates.
  • Change: Increased the demobilizer resistance penalty of LWFs.
  • Change: Removed the accumulator recharge penalty of range extenders.
  • Change: Lowered the signal detection parameter of combat assaults robots to 80rF.
  • Change: Increased the signal masking parameter of combat assaults robots to 200rF.
  • Change: Combat assault robots gain +1 additional headslot.
  • Change: Increased the base CPU performance of combat assault robots.
  • Change: Interference emitters are now ranged modules: you need to lock a ground tile, and activating the module will deploy the emitter to that tile. To this end the module has an optimal range now, which can be increased with the proper extensions.
  • Change: Increased the secondary damage recovery parameters of ERP modules.
  • Change: Increased the signal detection-lowering effect of interference.
  • Fix: Demobilizer resistance was applied incorrectly for stacked demobilizer effects.
  • Fix: The Gargoyle Mk2 was missing briochit from its components.
  • Fix: The description of demobilizers incorrectly stated that you can only equip one per robot.
  • Fix: Mk2 robot CTs were not visible in remote storage listings.


  • Change: Due to popular demand the square-based geoscanning result display has returned, in a slightly newer iteration.
  • Fix: Flawed and Niani modules has no visible beam effects.


  • Fix: The Basic and advanced geology extensions have been also incorrectly affecting the radius of area-based scans, and not just tile-based ones.
  • Fix: The bonus of the NEXUS - Long range targeting extension was applied twice for the Farlock NEXUS module.
  • Fix: Plant-specific extensive harvesting extensions had no effect.


  • Fix: Rank II reverse engineering facilities had no improvement over Rank I ones.
  • Change: The material ratio on the top of the Refinery window will now display the actual material efficiency instead of an arbitrary value. 100% material ratio means that you need the default number of raw materials for refining (0 delta), which equals the amounts listed in the commodities' components tab. Material ratios lower than 100% mean that you need more raw materials for refining a specific amount of commodities (positive delta), and ratios higher than 100% mean you need less (negative delta).
  • Change: The discount ratio in the Repair shop Reapir shop, will now also display the actual discount value.


  • New: Added new player-contributed corporation logo symbols. If you want to make your own, check out this forum topic!
  • Change: Corporation members with the delegate role will now able to see corporation relations.
  • Fix: Closed corporations will now be automatically removed from the recruitment database.


  • Fix: Anshar / File #2: Mission objective was at a wrong position.
  • Fix: Dopamine / File #1: Mission objective was at a wrong position.
  • Fix: Krakatau / File #1: Mission objective was at a wrong position.
  • Fix: Krakatau / File #2: NPCs didn't drop the required mission item.
  • Fix: Narayana / File #1: No NPCs at objective B.
  • Fix: Nimitz / File #2: Mission objective was at a wrong position.
  • Fix: Quinine / File #1: NPCs didn't drop the required mission item.
  • Fix: Philoctetes / File #2: Mission objective was at a wrong position.
  • Fix: Saladin / File #2: Mission objective was at a wrong position, NPCs didn't drop the required mission item.
  • Fix: Tamerlan / File #1: Mission objective was at a wrong position.
  • Fix: Tamerlan / File #2: Incorrect objective order, NPCs didn't drop the required mission item.


  • Change: Internal corporation orders are not counted anymore into your market order limits.
  • Fix: The market filter for internal corporation orders did not work properly.


  • Fix: Opening the world map should be considerably faster now.
  • Fix: The landmark filter for robot classes didn't work.
  • New: Added new landmark filters for corporation and squad members.
  • Change: CPU and reactor performance values are now shown with 2 digits in module information windows.
  • New: Added missing icon for waypoints in the waypoints tab.
  • Fix: The settings and state of the squad window will now be saved.
  • Fix: Value added tax was still shown when selling to an internal corporation order (GUI only).
  • New: Facility levels are now also displayed in their window headers.
  • New: Squad invitation replies have been moved to toast messages.
  • Fix: Fixed a sorting bug in the squad window when out of range members were constantly jumping back and forth between each other.
  • Fix: Corporation member list was not properly updated when members left or roles were changed.


  • Fix: Various login issues.
  • Fix: Trial players can now talk to DEVs/GMs in private too.
  • Fix: Issues when deleting the last post in a corporation bulletin topic.
  • New: Added a hotkey assignment for additional (terrain) icons.


  • New: You can now change your account's email yourself at your personal information page under account management.

Hotfixes after patch

  • New: Added separate filter checkboxes for showing or hiding landmarks on the landmarks list or the terrain.
  • Fix: Fixed sorting of geoscan results.
  • Fix: Geoscanning mission objectives could not be completed.
  • Fix: The map will now keep geoscan result checkbox settings when you go through a teleport. (Unfortunately it will still clear the checkboxes if you close the map.)
  • Fix: Joining password protected channels was bugged.

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