Update news for 2011-04-06

Spotlight features

Global storage listing

It is now possible to browse all your belongings at remote terminals. The private storage window received two tabs: the first one is the old Local items, where you can see and manipulate your local items when you are inside a terminal, and the second tab is the All items, where all your local and remote items are listed in a dropdown-tree structure (the latter is of course also available while on the terrain). Corporation storages have a somewhat different system, but this feature is also available for those as well: just right-click a storage in the corporation management window and select open.

Reactor plasma

We have removed all NPC kernel buy orders from the market and are introducing reactor plasma as a main NIC source from NPC loot. The Syndicate buys reactor plasma at every terminal and outpost for a fixed price (a little more if the terminal faction and the plasma type match). You can read more about the reasons behind this change in our devblog.


  • New: Direct trade of calibration templates (CTs) and damaged items is now possible.
  • New: The radar can now be panned momentarily with the right mouse button. Also, the zoom-out limit has been extended.
  • Change: Reduced kernel loot drop chance to 50% in line with the introduction of reactor plasma in all NPCs, except for observers.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Teleport tower animations were sometimes not visible.
  • Fix: Non-active robots have shown up in the equip window in yellow color when the low detail robots option was turned on.


  • New: Added "modify advert" option to the right-click menu of your own adverts. Price modification is also possible from other terminals and even when outside. The same 10-minute timer applies for both advert modification and cancelling.
  • New: Advert cancellation is now available while on the terrain too.
  • New: Added confirmation popup when cancelling an advert.
  • New: Market rates timespan settings will now be saved.
  • Fix: The market rates graph will now ignore price changes that are 10 times higher or lower than the average price.
  • New: Added basic NPC sell orders (ammunition, field containers) to all outposts.


  • Change: Mineral regeneration in plants has changed: after the initial mineral seed (5-15% of the maximum possible, which is different for every plant type), they will generate additional 5-15% minerals in every 8-hour cycle and 15-25% at every growth phase change. Previously every growth phase change generated a larger burst of minerals, but the 8-hour cycles only generated +1.


  • New: Added module status column for the direct trade window.
  • New: The toggle buttons of all terrain windows have been moved under a common dropdown menu on the upper right of the main menu bar.
  • New: The functionality of the landmark filter for structures has been extended with an extra dropdown menu where you can select whether structures (terminals, teleports etc.) should be always visible or only under a certain range.


  • New: A details window for trophies and losses is now available (doubleclick or rightclick details). Lists all previous data, plus all involved attackers and their individual damages in plain text format.

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