Update news for 2011-03-19 - Free trial

Spotlight features

This article is outdated; free trial is not offered at this point!

Free trials are now available for everyone: every new Perpetuum account will start off with 15 days of free game time, so now everyone can get acquainted with the game without any obligations.

Trial accounts have the following limitations:

  • Creating and joining player-run corporations is disabled
  • The market is limited to NPC orders, and only direct selling or buying is possible (no order placing)
  • NIC transfer and direct trading with other players is disabled
  • Putting items into field containers is disabled
  • Sending ingame mails is disabled

Beyond these, trial accounts work like normal accounts, there are no other limitations to EP accumulation or other features. Of course redeeming a game code to a trial account will instantly lift these limitations, and the account will live on as a normal account containing everything the player has achieved on it.


  • New: Setting all your weapons to manual (one-shot) mode will also make alpha strike one-shot only.
  • Fix: Insurance of Mk2 robots didn't work.
  • Fix: Shield "bleedthrough" now works properly. Previously even a 1 AP strong shield could block a shot's full damage, now the remaining damage after the shield deduction will go into the armor.
  • Change: Artifact loot is now packaged.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: The optimal range of the Niani small remote armor repairer was 0.

Graphic engine

  • New: Tweaked 3D Vision parameters, the game looks now much better in 3D.


  • New: Robots are now categorized by faction and class.
  • Fix: Creating a sell order will now automatically refresh the opened market window to show changes.


  • New: The squad window is now sortable by distance too.
  • New: Geoscanner charge info is now properly displaying modified scanning ranges.
  • New: Ammunition/charge info is now available on the terrain as well, from the module buttons' right click menu.
  • New: Account expiration time on the login screen is now also showing the remaining time for your local timezone.
  • Fix: NPC information windows were displaying wrong data.
  • Fix: Starter corporation info was missing from Agent profiles.
  • Fix: Fixed some text related line break and line height issues.
  • Fix: The combat log was showing N/A for your own name when using armor repairers.


  • New: Unused character names that have been deleted more than 1 day ago can be reused again on any account. This means that if you want to recreate a character with the same name, you have 1 day after the deletion of your character until that name is still tied to your account.
  • Fix: Chat was not updating properly when players closed their clients ("stuck" characters).

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