Update news for 2011-03-13


  • Fix: Repairing items using the corporation account was not possible when the initiating Agent didn't have enough money on his personal account.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: The Tyrannos Mk2's base top speed didn't match that of the Tyrannos.
  • Change: Changed the Ictus Mk2's EW optimal range bonus to Energy neutralizer/drainer optimal range bonus.


  • Fix: Extension requirements were not properly checked when equipping modules.
  • Fix: The description of "Basic geochemistry" displayed only a 4% bonus while it's actually 4.5% per level.


  • Fix: CPU cortexes couldn't be sold because the market required them to be packaged (they don't have to be actually).


  • Fix: CSV export option was missing from corporation storage logs.

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